Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jammer Hell

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Objective: To build up endurance and stamina; to feel what it’s like to be a jammer;  to practice proper skating form
Typical length of drill: 20 minutes is a full Jammer Hell but this drill can be shortened (or lengthened) depending on the wishes / needs of the coaches or skaters, or the time available
Materials needed: A full track or just four cones to mark the inside track line
Skill level required: None, but if you have a mix of really green skaters and advanced skaters it's important that you remind the advanced skaters to communicate their whereabouts at all times because many green skaters have been known to get scared / uncomfortable during this drill when the fast advanced skaters zoom by at close proximities without warning
Description: All skaters sprint around the track for a full two minutes, then coast for 30 seconds; repeat this cycle eight times.
Additional notes: It's called Jammer Hell because it's really exhausting to sprint at full speed for a full two minutes over and over and over again.  It's important that skaters hydrate before and after this drill.  This can also be a good drill to practice basic skating skills since that's essentially all the skater is doing for 20 minutes.

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