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by Miss Delirium, Bay City Rollers

Yes, I know, there are already many roller derby coaching resources out there on the web.  However, IMHO they all have some flaws: Yahoo groups doesn’t have a very user-friendly search feature, downloadable training manuals are super valuable but don’t get regularly updated and don’t have any user commenting available, MySpace is extremely over-stimulating and also lacks an easy-to-use search option, lists of drills on random internet pages often lack uniform formatting which makes my anal retentive brain throw up (and I can’t possibly be the only coach with these feelings).  I’m not saying this blog is completely without its own flaws, but it is my hope that with all the features like user comments, drill rating, tags, easy searching, consistent formatting, and regular updateability this blog of roller derby drills will become one of the most useful online tools for DIY roller derby coaches.

One of the main points of this project is interaction.  For this blog to be as helpful as possible to everyone please rate and/or comment on any and all of the drills that you’ve done!  I do moderate comments so as to keep spam off the blog but both coaches and skaters should absolutely feel free to comment on the different drills so that other users of the blog can easily decide whether or not to try a new drill.

I think it’s important for me to state at this point that I am NOT trying to take any credit for any of the drills posted on this blog.  If I come up with some brilliant drill that I want to share on the blog, I will let you know in the “additional notes” –section of the post that it was my own brain-child, but by posting drills that I’ve learned along the way in my years of playing roller derby I am in no way trying to take credit for other people’s hard work.
by Mick Dagger, Helsinki Roller Derby
I simply think that because this unbelievably awesome sport is spreading like wildfire to places and countries where quad roller skating has never even existed before it’s really important that those who have knowledge share it, and in a practical, effective way.  In the end of course, no amount of reading about drills online is a replacement to bootcamps, guest coaching, and attending other leagues’ practices (I am a huge advocate of all that), but at least this is can be an archive of drills to help new leagues in remote places start holding structured practices, to give experienced coaches new ideas, to give us all an opportunity to effectively share drills and opinions on drills with each other, and of course, to let us all allow roller derby to eat even more of our time and energy :)

A note about formatting: Like I mentioned, I’m anal about formatting and not embarrassed to admit it.  All drills posted on this blog will use the same formatting and I will ask all guest bloggers to adhere to it as well.  In drill posts, the most important information will be at the top (i.e. typical length of drill, materials needed, etc.) and I will be using color-coding within the posts as well: Red = on-skates drills, Blue = off-skates drills and cross-training, Yellow = referee drills, Green = banked track only drills.

 Finally, I really want to work with guest bloggers.  I will make it a point to periodically contact different derby folks and ask them to blog on such topics as referee drills, off-skates drills, leagues’ favorite drills, endurance drills, banked track drills and much more!  If you think you can supply some expertise in a certain area, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

To conclude, here is my nerdy pledge to y'all:
I promise to...
  • keep consistent formatting to make the blog as easy to use as possible
  • ask permission to post a drill if I know who to ask permission from
  • give credit when I know who to give credit to
  • update former blog posts when new information about them comes to light (i.e. alternative names, drill creator, etc.)
  • give others a chance to post drills on this blog

Thanks for visiting All Derby Drills,
Estrogeena Davis

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