Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Making walls that will make jammers cry

Alternative names: Making Jammers Cry/Chop Stop
Objective: Starting with the basics of a chop stop and building into insanely solid walls.
Typical length of drill: 15-20
Skill level required: intermediate
Additional notes: 

Krissy Krash


  1. I've heard this called chomp chomp. It's a great alternative way to plow because it gets skaters to remember they can pick up their feet to readjust. It lets people react to changing pressure points and also allows the skater to maintain the force of their stop after getting to the max plow width.

    In Madison, WI, people drill this by reducing the track to 2-3 lanes with a line of cones. Then blockers are pushed from jammer to pivot line. Jammers push on the back and the sides, but typically are instructed not to try escaping as this is a blocker-focused drill. Unless the blockers are at a higher proficiency level and need more of a challenge.

    -Arch Enema | Mad Men Roller Derby

  2. Glad to see you're back posting here, G! I check in periodically still to find drills and things to work on. Hope things are going great with you, TJ, and Atlas. Our little kiddo, Penny Cash Machine, is growing up fast - I imagine it's the same for all of you too.