Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Six Stride Hell

Alternative names: --
Objective: Work on acceleration from pack speed
Typical length of drill: 5-10 minutes
Materials needed: a skating surface
Skill level required: cross overs and the ability to skate on one leg in corners and straight aways (to be effective)
Description: Have all skaters on "the track" skating at their own "pack speed" spaced out randomly around the track.

On the whistle, all skaters take six hard, fast sprint steps from wherever they are then return to normal skating. Repeat whistle randomly for drill length. 

Additional notes: Generally at Pioneer Valley we use this as an ending drill, something to bring the heart rate back up, before skating a few laps to cool down and stretch.

This could be used as a pack drill to get teams of people used to speeding up and slowing down together.

While everyone is on the track, this is a drill about individual performance. Skaters should have a sense of urgency to skate the hardest and fastest six strides they can on that whistle. If it's 5 or 7 it's not a failure. The point is to begin the sprint from wherever you are and handle it through people also on the track.


  1. I wish that you could put up some more videos of the drills. :) other then that I love this page!

  2. Are there certain drills you'd like videos or animations for?

  3. I've been using this drill since u posted it! I really like how it makes the skaters work. Even while skaters are almost at full speed and u blow the whistle again and they hit another gear to get thier six steps!!!!