Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Classy Dinner at 7-11?

You've done it. I've done it. I mean really, at some point or another we have all done it. AND, from my experience working as a health coach to derby skaters world wide, many athletes grab dinner at the convenience store more often than not. We run into 7-11 and grab god knows what from frozen pizzas to the questionable tuna fish pita pockets to a Snickers bar or a Power Bar (which has about the same nutrition value as a Snickers bar BTW). We shove it in our face in the car and then get to practice and SURPRISE! We feel like crap. 

Guess what? As an athlete, you are now responsible for what you put in your mouth.Your body is a machine and, as a roller derby athlete, you expect a lot from it. So if you expect to perform, fuel it properly. The skill of pre-planning your day comes with time and habit and a little bit of nutrition know how. I have written a load of posts on here about pre-game meals and proper hydration and all that fun stuff so be sure to get back and read them! Today, we are talking about pre-planning and strategies for success.

Most of us walk out the door in the morning with NO PLAN as to what we are going to eat for the day. As you have heard 100 times in your life for many different reasons, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. When I talk to my clients about pre-planning, the first thing I usually hear is "But Krisssyyyyyyyy, I have a jobfamilykidsresponsabilitesneedtosleepinwatchtvgethometoolate! I CAN'T possibly remember to pre-plan my meals every day!"

Well, here is the deal my friends: YOU CAN if you decide its important to you. Once you have decided that yes, you are sick of dining out at AMPM or swinging through the McDonald's drive-through, then read on for 7 tips and tricks to pre-plan daily so you can feel AWESOME on the track every night!

1. Plan 5-6 small meals for your day
Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks every day. 
Each meal/snack should be a good balance of 1/3 lean protein and 2/3 complex carbs

My day goes like this:

BREAKFAST Formula 1 shake (come on, who REALLY cooks breakfast? And if you are opting for instant oatmeal or carb-y cereals you probably are crashing mid morning)
SNACK mid morning: Usually greek yogurt or deli meats or nuts for protein paired up with a fruit or veggie
LUNCH: Meat and veggies. Usually chicken or turkey over spinach or with broccoli and 1/2 an avocado.
SNACK: Same as in the AM. Today it was a handful of walnuts and some ground turkey that I precooked this week with onions and bell peppers.
DINNER: On practice nights I drink a shake on the way to practice. No one really wants to be burping up dinner all through practice do they? This is also a great way to get easily absorbable nutrients.
POST PRACTICE: Protein and carb for recovery. I either drink a Rebuild Strength shake or I come home and have some MEAT (yes I am a massive carnivore...I even named my dog Meat!) This is him. 

2. Use similar ingredients
I like to keep using the same ingredients but mixed around to make different meals to avoid massive shopping lists. Veggies can be eaten raw as snacks, or stir fried with protein for a hot meal, or made with eggs or added to a salad! My staples are spinach, bell pepper, broccoli, red onion. A few simple ingredients mixed together in different ways can make a variety of yummy meals...I mean look at mexican food. Its basically beans, rice, veggies, and meat mixed together a hundred different ways. 

3. Have a few simple go to meals and snacks
Easy go to snacks help to keep pre-planning low maintenance. Single serving greek yogurts, almonds, or string cheese are good for this. BEWARE: Treats that say "100 calorie pack" THIS DOES NOT MEAN ITS HEALTHY. It just means they are only giving you 100 calories worth of crap.

4. Have a shopping day
I shop on Sunday night for a week's worth of food. This may take a little practice to get the right amounts of everything but once you get the swing of it, your life will be SO MUCH EASIER!

5. Have a cooking day
This is the same day as shopping day for me. I literally cook about 6 lbs of meat at once (to support my 170 lbs of lean mass!). I will pan fry a bunch of lean turkey meat and bake some chicken. Then pop it all in the fridge and use it for salads and wraps or snacks throughout the week.

6. Pack your meals at night
Pre-pack! If you are not a morning person pack your meals/snacks at night. If you are not a night person pack it in the AM but either way, get in the habit of packing a lunch bag...yup, "thanks for the sac lunch," ice pack in the insulated bag PACK YOUR MEALS!

7. Do this for 21 days in a row and it will be a habit!
Bottom line is, we are all busy but here are things we habitually do every day or week no matter what and if you can do those things (ahem, watch your favorite TV shows or shower) then you can learn to pre-plan!

As always, if you have any questions about what to eat or when to eat it or why I love all this stuff so much or you want a free nutrition evaluation or you want to know anything about supplements, Herbalife, or the meaning of life you can reach my at and I would be glad to help you out!

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  1. Actually, as a human, you're an omnivore. You would feel horrible as a carnivore. I agree with most of your points here. Some good advice I wish my derby sisters would take note of. (But herbivore here)