Sunday, February 13, 2011

Four Corners

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Objective: This is another one of those drills that has multiple objectives, from jammer smarts to positional blocking, clearing lanes for a team mate, communication, walls... and most importantly, doing it all in a short time!
Typical length of drill: This can vary as it depends on the number of skaters, we like to give every girl a chance in each position. Generally this takes us about 15-20 minutes.
Materials needed: Track Outline, Helmet Covers, Whistle
Skill level required: Approved for contact
Description: For this, you need to divide the girls randomly into 4 groups. Each group will go off the track (into what would be the outside referee lane) and into the four corners of the hall. The groups in the corners by turns 1 and 2 will be groups of blockers and play as teammates. The group at turn 3 will take the Pivot panties (they won't be playing as a pivot per se, but by having the helmet cover, they are easily recognisable for the duration of the drill), and the group at turn 4 will take the Jammer panties. The girls with the panties will play as teammates.

On the whistle, a Jammer will begin. As she comes down the straightaway and approaches turn 1, an opponent blocker will enter the track from a standing start, timing her entrance so as to impede the jammer.

As these 2 girls continue around the track, another blocker from the group at turn 2 will time her entrance and join her "teammate" (the blocker from turn 1) in forming a wall and impeding the jammer.

Finally, as they approach turn 3, a girl with a Pivot panty will enter the fray, as a teammate for the jammer.

The entire group then skates one lap.

The blockers will strive to stay in the jammer's way and resist all attempts from the "pivot" to clear her path. The jammer and pivot need to communicate with one another, with the pivot trying to break the wall and release her jammer.

We've found the drill to work on several levels. First and foremost it tests everyone's timing, judging the speed and matching it. The first blocker who enters will have to gauge the jammer, and get a positional block on her. The 2nd blocker must do likewise, and both then have to work quickly to form a wall and stay in her way. The "pivot" should gauge the situation, and attempt to take out the blockers, communicating with the jammer as to where the jammer wants to go etc.

Finally, by setting a limit of one lap, it ensures that the girls work together fast. They only have a short space of time to achieve their goal, and we've found that it replicates game situations very well.

Once every jammer has gone twice, we rotate the groups counter-clockwise around the hall, until every group has tried every position.

Additional notes:
As much as I wish I could claim this as my own, as it is a truly ingenious drill and the team loves it, all credit goes to Lord Seitan of the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls.

This one is a lot of fun - and on a separate note, we've found it to be useful for our new referees as well. They have a small number of girls to watch for a small period of time in a controlled situation, and we've found it has helped their confidence in spotting penalties and making calls.


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  1. Thanks for the credit, but it was actually Lotta Trouble (also of BHRG) who taught it to me.