Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Handy things to know

Alternative names: WFTDA referee hand signals
Objective: For skaters and referees alike to get familiar with the hand signals
Typical length of drill: 5:45
Materials needed: N/A
Skill level required: None
Description: To make the derby referee hand signals easier for both referees and skaters to learn we have made a video demonstrating them.  We were originally going to make a video for just our own country's new refs but as we started getting into it we realized that many new referees AND skaters in other places might also find it a useful tool so we decided to make it as thorough as we could (please forgive any of our flaws) and we added some Finnish eye-candy too (and no, I'm not just talking about our immensely good looking referees here).  Although this isn't really one of ADD's typical drill -posts, I want to stress the importance of knowing and understanding all the rules, including all the hand signals, both to referees AND skaters.  Derby is a tremendously strategic game that requires a lot of thinking and in my opinion, the more you know, the more you will understand the game, and the more you understand the game the smarter you will play.  And smart players win.


Additional notes: Contest closed! The winner was Farmer Geddon of the Boston Derby Dames!  Cross my heart and hope to die, there was no bias in this winner being chosen, despite the fact that she is from my stated favorite league!  My dog picks the winners of the A.D.D. contests :)

After you've watched the video, take a guess at which one of our talented referees performed in -20°C weather and you can WIN A FINLAND -THEMED CARE PACKAGE sent straight to your home! To enter, send an e-mail to titled "This ref was coooold" and enter the name of the referee who you think it was as the first line of text in the e-mail. If you're not sure what the the refs' names are you are welcome to use a short description instead of the name.  All those who guess correctly will be entered into a drawing to win the prize. Please make sure you add your name and mailing address to the bottom of the e-mail so we know who you are and where to send the package! Entries can be submitted through February 25th.  The winner will be notified personally and announced on the website. Limit one entry per person. Derbies in Finland are ineligible to enter this particular contest (you'll get your chance later :). We promise not to use anyone's address for anything other than this contest.

UPDATE 18.7.2011: If you like this post and the video, you might also like the post Make a Call and the accompanying downloadable program.


  1. Hi Geena, who won?! Are we allowed to know?! :)

    Panda x.o

  2. Whoa! I guess I never updated the post itself! The winner was posted in the News -section, and on the home page for about a week after the drawing, but the post itself remained unchanged. I have now updated it, and you can check out the news section to see what the answer to the question was ;) ...or just look at the first commentor in this post... :)