Monday, January 16, 2012

Guest blogging: Rowdy Roulette & Krissy Krash


Rowdy Roulette is one of the lead coaches for Derbalife. She’s been laying skaters out for the for Arizona Derby Dames in Phoenix, AZ for seven seasons.  Two years ago she started to take a more serious interest in health and fitness when she got introduced to Derbalife through Krissy Krash. She now cross trains regularly along with using a comprehensive nutrition program to support optimal performance. Since breaking her ankle in May of 2011 and making such a quick recovery, she’s really taken an interest to supporting other skaters who have had serious injuries on their road to recovering and getting back on skates.

Krissy Krash is a health and nutrition coach and founder of Derbalife, a group created out of love for nutrition and roller derby. She has 6 ass kicking years of derby experience and 3 years as a health coach working with skaters who are looking to transform from Derby Girls into all star athletes. Several years ago Krissy began to study performance nutrition and through personal experience and top level training has learned how every day simple changes in one's nutrition can take energy, strength, and endurance to a whole new level. She currently skates flat track with the Angel City Derby Girls and banked track with Team Bionic.

Derbalife supports the athletic roller derby lifestyle. Our coaches are skaters themselves who are knowledgeable users of our products and participants in our programs which we believe provides our clients with enhanced real life support and the ability to identify the individual needs of each skater. Derbalife is a revolution among skaters across the country who are looking for a simple way to step up their game and improve their skating performance. Nutrition is a vital part of athletic performance. Roller Derby has grown from a hobby into a competitive sport and as a result, skaters are stepping up to a new level of competition. Skaters need to fuel their bodies like the ass kicking machines that they are. We offer nutrition education, kick ass nutrition programs and personal 1:1 coaching and support for skaters of any level. Reduce the risk of injury, build lean muscle, lose fat, have more energy, boost endurance, and a whole lot more.

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Krissy Krash and Rowdy Roulette will spend some time on All Derby Drills blogging on the top 10 keys to nutrition for the 24-hour athlete (balancing life and derby).  Nutrition is an important part of your training and the path to becoming the best athlete you can be, so A.D.D. excitedly welcomes Krissy and Rowdy!

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