Monday, December 20, 2010

Defensive Wall Builder

Alternative names: --
Objective: To practice having a specific job in the pack during each jam; to practice keeping holes from forming in the pack/your strategic formation; staying focused on blocking the oppsing jammer
Typical length of drill: Unknown
Materials needed: A full track.  Alternatively you could go with cones to mark just a rough outline of the track but if you do, make sure to tell your jammers that this is a drill specifically for the blockers to practice, not so much for them to practice their own jamming (some jammers forget this and then head for the loosely defined outside track boundary to sneak by quasi-legally)
Skill level required: None if you choose to run this as a non-contact drill
Description: Work in groups of three skaters, each with a specific job: one covering the inside line, one covering the middle to the outside line of the track, and the third acting as the first line of defense against the jammer. Send a jammer through the pack -- she should keep skating until she is able to break through or until the three blockers have had an opportunity to work together on their positioning. The third player should create and maintain a comfort zone between herself and her two teammates to avoid bunching up, while being prepared to sprint up and cover any holes in the wall if the jammer gets by her.
Additional notes: Created by the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, this drill has also appeared in fiveonfive magazine.  Posted here with permission from the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls.  This is part of our WFTDA Champions -series: Rocky Mountain Rollergirls.

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