Saturday, December 11, 2010

Three Team Mayhem

Alternative names: --
Objective: To practice jamming; to practice helping your jammer through the pack; to practice blocking the opposing jammer
Typical length of drill: Depends entirely on the number of skaters you have, but reserve at least 15 mins for this
Materials needed: A full track
Skill level required: None if you choose to run this as a non-contact drill
Description: Divide skaters into three even groups. Each group sends a pair consisting of a jammer and a blocker to make their way through the other two opposing groups. When the jammer breaks through a group, she and her blocker should move onto the next pack of opposing blockers. Once the jammer/blocker pair makes it back to their original group, a new pair is sent off to fight their way through the opposing packs. Dependent on time, each skater should go through the drill as both a blocker and a jammer.
Additional notes: Created by Frida Beater of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, this drill has also appeared in fiveonfive magazine.  Posted here with permission from the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls.  This is part of our WFTDA Champions -series: Rocky Mountain Rollergirls.

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