Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dynamic stretching: Sumo Squat-to-Stand

Alternative names: --
Objective: "To improve flexibility in your hamstrings, groin, ankles, and lower back." (1)
Typical length of drill: 1 min
Materials needed: None
Skill level required: None
Description: For a great, easy-to-understand article on dynamic stretching, check out "Dynamic Stretching Routine and Tips" by Taylor Tollison on Stretching World (which, by the way, is a really great resource!).

"Starting position: Stand tall, with your feet outside your hips. 

Procedure: Bend at the waist, grabbing your big toes.  Keeping your arms straight and inside your knees, pull your hips down until they're between your ankles, and lift your chest up.  Then tuck your chin and try to straighten your legs, holding on to your toes as you straighten out your hips and knees. 

Coaching key(s): Hold on to your toes at the bottom of the movement.  Pull your chest up and your shoulders back and down, and try to drive your hips forward to get your torso vertical, not horizontal.  As you lift your hips, keep your back flat. 

You should feel: A stretch in your groin, glutes, lower back, and, to a lesser degree, ankles." (1)

Kata Strofi, #10. Photo by Mick Dagger, Helsinki Roller Derby.

Repeat 8 times.  I also have a personal "coaching key" to add and that is tell your skaters to try to keep their eyes on the same spot on the wall the whole time.  This will be difficult but the stretch can be felt much better if they try to keep their eyes forward the whole time, rather than looking down at the ground when they stand up.  Our fantastic volunteer is doing a good job of it here!

Additional notes: All text from Core Performance by Mark Verstegen and Pete Williams (1).  This is part of a series of dynamic stretches that we are posting over the next few days/weeks.

Our volunteer is shown here wearing skates because this is one of the few dynamic stretches that you can actually easily and safely do while wearing skates.  Try incorporating it into your pre-practice stretching routine!

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