Thursday, April 21, 2011


Alternative names: --
Objective: For jammers (and blockers) to practice breaking through walls; to boost self-confidence
Typical length of drill: Unknown
Materials needed: None
Skill level required: Only for skaters who have experience skating in a pack and can take a light, but solid, hit
Description: Depending on the number of skaters, break into groups of 6-8.  Three blockers form a wall with the innermost blocker riding the inside line.  Initially, blockers should be about 8 inches (ca. 20 cm) apart.  The remaining skaters line up behind the wall.  Once a pack pace is set, the first jammer tries to break through the wall.  The first few attempts, while the blockers are farther apart, are used to help the jammer gain confidence and get used to getting low, turning the shoulders, and stepping through.  Jammers MAY NOT pass on the outside, but rather MUST go through two blockers.  Blockers, DO NOT throw hits or blocks.  Just maintain the line. Once through, the jammer immediately sprints around the track to the back of the line.  The next jammer begins as soon as the first is through the wall.  As jammers gain confidence and skill, blockers should close the gap between them so that the jammer must get through a smaller space.  Rotate Blockers and Jammers as needed so that everyone gets a chance.
Additional notes: This drill was submitted, and created, by London Derriere of the K-Town Derby Girls.  It's cross-posted at Derby Dancing, London Derriere's own blog.  When asked where the name came from, she says: "it actually comes from the Old Testament... the whole battle of Jericho when Joshua's army marched around the city and the walls fell."  Very appropriate for a drill focused on breaking through walls! :)

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