Monday, April 18, 2011

What's in YOUR training department bag?

Alright, so, this is not a regular post that fits within my self-inflicted strict format but I think it's a very worthwhile discussion to have amongst coaches: What is always in your training department's training bag?

I will start the discussion by listing a few things that I feel should be staples in any good training department/coaching bag:
  • Minimum 20 small cones
  • Two sets of helmet panties in different colors (one set = 1 pivot panty and 1 jammer panty in the same color scheme)
  • 1-3 stop watches
  • A rule-book
  • A long piece of rope (bonus if it has 10-foot and 20-foot markers on it) 
  • Measuring tape
  • 1-2 permanent markers (with which to write numbers on arms)
  • Blank line-up sheets (for scrimmages where skaters/volunteers can get practice managing)
  • Blank penalty tracking sheets
  • Several rolls of masking tape
Now what do YOU have in your league's training bag?  What are items that you don't see on this list that you think should definitely be in a coaching bag?  Please add your comments below!


  1. We love duct tape. Always have them around to fix up skates, tape numbers on shirts etc.

    In addition we have whistles, extra bite and boil mouth guards and first aid kit.

    ~Slade Ripfire of NOVA Roller Derby

  2. Loc-Tite. Helps to make sure those toe stops don't fall out.

  3. Aah yes, the first aid kit. Guess I didn't include it in the original list because in our league the first aid kit is under the safety squad's jurisdiction, not the training dept. But that's *definitely* important to have! We actually also carry a binder with emergency information sheets for all the skaters in our training bag. Just in case anyone ever (god forbid) falls so hard that they go unconscious we have a sheet of information about each skater which includes (among a few other things) their allergies, regular medication, and emergency contact name and number. I'm pretty sure we haven't had to use those forms yet, but I think it's very important to have with the first aid stuff anyway.