Monday, November 8, 2010


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Objective: Basic agility training; to practice jumping
Typical length of drill: 7 mins timed
Materials needed: None, though preferably at least a couple of cones to mark the inside track line for the skaters to skate around
Skill level required: None
Description: All of the skaters spread out around the track and start skating at a moderate pace.  The coach stands in the middle of the track and yells out the following commands at different intervals: Left, Right, Jump, Hop, Ten-One.  The frequency of the commands can vary during the drill, i.e. "Left!" ...10 seconds... "Ten-One!" ...5 seconds... "Jump!" ...15 seconds... "Jump!" ...3 seconds... "Jump!" ...3 seconds... "Right!"...3 seconds... etc.  Each command is a different jump for the skaters:

Left -- The skaters are to hop or jump to the left
Right -- The skaters are to hop or jump to the right
Jump -- The skaters are to jump up into the air with both feet leaving the ground at the same time
Hop -- The skaters are to hop up into the air staggering their feet slightly (like a leap of sorts, one foot leaves the ground a little bit before the other and when you land you make the sound "Ba-Dum")
Ten-One -- The skaters are to do a jumping jack (well, more like an upside-down V; since your objective is to practice jumps here there is no need to get the arms up into it, in fact, you might hit someone in the face if you do)

You can also add your own jump commands to this drill, such as "Air!" to command the skaters to focus their jump on getting as much air as possible, or "Distance!" for the skaters to focus their jump on covering as much distance as possible, or "Two hops right!" to tell the skaters to take two hops to the right.  The possibilities are endless!

Additional notes: I learned the original simple version of this drill from someone at some point in my derby career but I can't for the life of me remember from whom and when so I apologize for not being able to give appropriate credit here!  Make yourself known if you so wish :)
This drill may seem easy on paper but it is actually a good workout!  Picking those skates up off the ground over and over again will make the skaters tired.  Also, because of the drills simplicity it's great for teaching some basic agility to freshmeat who are just learning how to hop and how to get comfortable jumping.

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