Friday, November 12, 2010

Stuck in the Mud

Alternative names: --
Objective: To practice being mindful of what’s going on around you; to practice skating in chaotic situations.
Typical length of drill: 5-10 minutes
Materials needed: --
Skill level required: This is a non contact game, open to all levels.
Description: This game is a variation of the original tag game.

This game is played for a set period of time. A tagger (could be more than one depending on the number of skaters) is elected at the start of the game. The skaters can skate in any direction. When a skater is tagged they are now “Stuck”. They come to a halt and place their hands on their head. Any non tagged skater can free a stuck skater by skating around the stuck skater twice.
A skater can still be tagged while trying to free a stuck skater.
The game ends at the end of the time, or when all skaters have been tagged bar one. The last non tagged skater is the winner. If more time allows elect new tagger(s) and re-start game.
A single whistle will start the game. Four short whistle blasts will stop the game.
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