Friday, November 12, 2010

Train Game

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Objective: To build teamwork / co-ordination.
Typical length of drill: 5-10 minutes
Materials needed: None
Skill level required: This is a non contact game, open to all levels.
Description: This is a team race game. Or just a team building exercise.

The skaters are split into approximately into 6 skaters per team.
Each team should have the same number of experienced skaters / inexperienced skaters.
Each team must build a train. This consists of three types of skaters. These are:
1.     The engine (one only)
2.     Rear Carriage (Skater stands, one only)
3.     Front Carriages (Skater sits, four in a six team train)
First the train is built from the rear carriage working forwards. The Rear carriage stands and the front carriage sits in front placing their hand on the skates on the rear carriage. All other front carriages build in the same manor. They sit in front of the carriage behind them and place their hands on their skates.
Once the train is built the engine pushes from behind the rear carriage. A designated practice time must be used to adjust the skaters positions for best results, and to get the skaters used to being pushed and going around corners. Once all teams have had enough practice then the races can begin.
Depending on the size of hall, you must decide how long the race will last, perhaps just one lap of the hall, may be two. Depending on the number of teams you may have a knockout, or perhaps the best of three races.
Once you have decided the above the teams race against each other.
This does not have to be a race, It could just be one team building exercise where you build just one very long train and try to complete a circuit without the train falling apart. You may need 2 engines if the train is very long. It really is a free format event this one.

Video: Train Game 

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  1. Seems unnecessarily dangerous to fingers and hands. I suggest having the skaters crouch in the derby stance and grab the front skater's hips instead, to create a train. Then they also get to feel the burn of crouching for extended periods of time!