Friday, November 12, 2010

Chocolate Game

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Objective: To practice being mindful of what’s going on around you; to practice skating smoothly and in control in chaotic situations.
Typical length of drill: 5-10 minutes
Materials needed: Each skater must have a paper plate. There should be about 5 chocolates per skater (chocolates must be individually wrapped as they can end up on the floor, they could also get run over, so try to avoid ones with very soft centers that will create a mess).
Skill level required: This is a non contact game, open to all levels.
Description: The idea of this game is to acquire/steal as many chocolates from other skaters as possible. This game is played for a set period of time. The skaters skate in a determined direction around the hall with 5 chocolates on their plate. The skaters are allowed to take/steal chocolates from the other skaters.

Each skater must:
1. Hold the plate flat and in front of them, exposing the chocolates to others at all times.
Each skater must NOT:
1. Conceal chocolates on their person.
2. Eat chocolates during the game
3. Hold plate against their body, so concealing the chocolates
4. Fold the plate in half, so concealing the chocolates
5. Cover the chocolates with the spare hand.
6. Conceal the chocolates in any other way.
Any chocolates that get knocked onto the floor can be picked up by anyone. It is legal to knock an opponent’s plate, spilling their chocolates onto the floor.

A single whistle will start the game. Four short whistle blasts will stop the game. If there are any chocolates on the ground they can still be picked up by the skaters. The skater with the most chocolates on their plate at the end is the winner.

Video: Chocolate game

Additional notes: This game was created by Tim Wheals of Sk8shool, Eastbourne, Great Britain:

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  1. I found skaters to be very motivated with obtaining chocolate! :)