Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby Gazelle

Alternative names: Goating/Trapping Drill, Four-on-One
Objective: Two parter: One is to work with your teammates to trap an opposing blocker and slow the pack; the other is to practice getting out of a trap.
Typical length of drill: 10 minutes
Materials needed: WFTDA track
Skill level required: must be cleared for contact

Description: Skaters are divided into groups of five and staggered around the track. Four skaters trap the baby gazelle (the fifth skater) and try to keep the pack at a slow to near-stopped pace while keeping the gazelle trapped. The four must work together and communicate to hold the gazelle and keep from speeding the pack.
The gazelle attempts to free herself of the trap. She must juke, weave and constantly keep her feet moving to free herself. If she's not able to get through, she should never give up. The more she struggles to get free the more she speeds the wall of four.
After 2 mins, a coach blows a whistle and another skater in the group takes a turn as the baby gazelle. Continue for 10 mins, so every skater of the group gets to be a gazelle and gets to work on gazelling.

Additional notes: The term "baby gazelle" was coined by Polly Gone (of Gotham Girls and Maine Roller Derby).

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