Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dynamic stretching: Calf Stretch

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Objective: "To increase flexibility in this very often-neglected area." (1)
Typical length of drill: 1-2 mins
Materials needed: None
Skill level required: None
Description: "Current research work [Medicine & Science in Sport and Exercise 33(3), pp354-358 and Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, vol 15 (1): 98-101] suggests that the use of dynamic stretches - slow controlled movements through the full range of motion - are the most appropriate exercises for the warm up. By contrast, static stretches are more appropriate for the cool down" (from BrianMac Sports Coach).

HRD fresh meat Ronja.
Calf Stretch

Starting position: From the pushup position, place your right foot over your left heel.  Your weight should be on the ball of your left foot.

Procedure: Pull your left toes up toward your shin while you push your left heel down toward the ground with your right foot.  Exhale as you lower your heel.  Hold for a one count, raise your left heel again, and repeat.

Coaching key(s): You're pulling your toes up toward the shin at the same time you're pushing the heel to the ground.  Then push back through the new range of motion.

You should feel: A stretch in yor calf and ankle.

Progression: Bend the knee of you working leg to shift the emphasis to your Achilles tendon." (1)  Shown in image #3.  For maximum effect our volunteer could straighten out her left leg, the one resting on top of the leg with the bent knee.

Repeat 8 times on each leg.
Additional notes: All text from Core Performance by Mark Verstegen and Pete Williams (1) unless otherwise noted.  This is part of a series of dynamic stretches that we have been posting over the last few days/weeks.  We are now half-way through the series.

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