Friday, May 27, 2011

Dynamic Stretch Routine on Skates

The following stretches should be done after a skating warmup and before static stretches. In the clockwise direction, skaters should skate at a slow pace, performing each dynamic stretch for about a lap each. Remember to rotate in both directions and stretch both arms and legs.

Arm Rotation: Rotate arms like you are swimming laps.

Shoulder Rotation: Lift up shoulders like you're shrugging and rotate back and around.

Neck Rotation: Roll your neck forward, around to the side, back, other side and to the front.

Knee to chest: Lift each knee up to your chest.

Foot to butt: Kick up each foot to your butt, but do it slowly so you feel the stretch in your quad.

Hip Rotation: Lift knee up and rotate out to the side and back around.

Angry Cat: Squat, put your hands on your knees and bend your back so you create a "U" between your butt and your head, then push your back up like an angry hissing cat.

Torso Twist: Twist at the side while traversing the track.

The Matrix: Bend forward at the hips and turn to your side, then lean back, then the other side and back to the front (think about giving your back to your opponent; this was named after the move in the Matrix, see this video).

Ankle Rotation: Rotate each ankle in a full circle.

Floor to ceiling: Squat and touch the floor, then reach high to the ceiling.

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