Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Wall of Ghina + Pacecar

Alternative names: n/a
Objective: To strengthen defensive walls within a legally-defined pack
Typical length of drill: 5 mins
Materials needed: jammer panties, WFTDA track, knowledgable refs to call out-of-play penalties
Skill level required: must be cleared for contact

Description: Blockers pair up and
walls are positioned 10' from each other.
A designated coach skates in front of the first wall and sets the pace (changing it from fast to slow to moderate to slow and so on). If a wall reaches the another wall or the pacecar, they must let the jammer go. If a wall falls 10' feet or more behind the wall or pacecar in front of her, she must let the jammer go.
Jammers enter anywhere on the track at the starting whistle. Only one jammer at a time attempts to skate past/through a wall.

Additional notes: The wall's inside skater must protect the inside line so no jammer escapes through it. She only steps as far away from the line as she can, knowing she can quickly return and stop the jammer. The wall's outside skater does most of the dirty work by swinging to the outside and back to her partner in order to stop the jammer on the outside. Remember to skate low and wide as to take up as much of the track as possible.

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