Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wall-Breaking Progression

Alternative names: n/a
Objective: to practice breaking through walls
Typical length of drill: 25 mins
Materials needed: WFTDA track, jammer panties
Skill level required: contact level
Description: Skaters are divided into threesomes and staggered around the track.

PHASE ONE: THE BLIND SPOT Two skaters hold a wall, while the third skates close behind (just a foot or two) ducking and juking to find the wall's blind spot. Each skater in the wall tries to locate the jammer. She raises her hand when she can't find her. Switch every 2 mins so each skater practices finding the jammer and hiding from the wall.

PHASE TWO: TAKING THE INSIDE/MIDDLE Two skaters hold a wall, while the third acts as a jammer. The jammer tries to bait the wall, so she can blast through the middle. She does this by skating to the outside at the end of a corner (which causes the blockers to look at her and not the inside line) and then sprinting through the inside or middle of the wall. Explosive power is what gets her from point A to point B. See diagram below.

PHASE THREE: TAKING THE OUTSIDE Taking the outside is risky, but can be done on the straightaway using explosive power and giving your back to your opponent or avoiding contact by hopping. Two skaters hold a wall, while the third acts as a jammer. The wall stays close to the inside line. On the straightaway, the jammer turns on her jets and tries to blast around the wall. Usually when a blocker sees the jammer going for it, she'll commit to a big hit. The jammer should anticipate this and jump to the inside to avoid the blocker. If the blocker does not commit to a big hit, but instead swings out for a less-committed hit, the jammer should give her back and roll off the blocker using the momentum to propel her forward.

Additional notes: Persistence is key when breaking through a wall. Jammers don't always get through on the first try. With each attempt to pass through or around the wall gets weaker and less prepared. She must never give up and be ready to explode through the smallest opening.

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