Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guest blogging: Punchy O'Guts

Punchy O'Guts, Maine Roller Derby
Punchy O'Guts is a skater for Maine Roller Derby. She joined the league when it began in 2006 and has skated with the Port Authorities, the league's all-star team, since its inception in 2008. She is a team captain, serves on the league's training committee and works as the league Marketing Director. Prior to joining roller derby, Punchy's athletic background includes a few years of gymnastics in grade school and playing tennis in high school. She plays the pivot position and will talk strategy until her lips fall off.

We are super stoked that Punchy O'Guts will be gracing All Derby Drills with her presence for the next few weeks!  While guest blogging Punchy will be writing about themed practices focused on breaking walls and how to improve awareness.

Welcome Punchy O'Guts!

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