Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dynamic stretching: Forward Lunge / Forearm-to-Instep

Alternative names: "World's Greatest Stretch" (1)
Objective: "To improve flexibility in your hips, hamstrings, lower back, torso, groin, hip flexors, and quads." (1)
Typical length of drill: 3 mins
Materials needed: None
Skill level required: None
Description: Our series on dynamic stretches continues with the Forward Lunge  / Forearm-to-Instep. 

Starting position: Take a large step forward with your right leg, as if doing a lunge.  Place and support weight on your left hand, even with your right foot. 

Procedure: Take your right elbow and reach down to your instep (forward leg) while keeping your back knee off the ground.  Then move your right hand outside your right foot and push your hips straight to the sky, pulling your toe up toward your shin.  Finally, step forward into the next lunge. 

Coaching key(s): Keep your back knee off the ground.  Exhale as you reach your elbow to the floor.  At the end, make sure both hands remain in contact with the ground as you lift your hips and pull your toe toward the shin. 

You should feel: A stretch in your groin, your back leg's hip flexor, and your front leg's glute.  During the second part, you should feel a stretch in your front leg's hamstring and calf.

Repeat 8 times on each leg.
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Claire Leah Threat, #514. By Mick Dagger, Helsinki Roller Derby.

Additional notes: All text from Core Performance by Mark Verstegen and Pete Williams (1).  This is part of a series of dynamic stretches that we have been posting over the last few days/weeks.  Now check out the News -section to see how you can help the derby community get more limber and stretchy!

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