Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Homewrecker

Alternative names: n/a
Objective: Two parter: One is to offensively break up a strong partnership/wall, the other is to strengthen partnerships/walls
Typical length of drill: 6 mins
Materials needed: jammer panties, WFTDA track
Skill level required: must be cleared for contact

Description: Blockers split into groups of three and stagger around the track. Two of the blockers will be partners, while the other (the homewrecker) tries to break them up. The partners do everything they can to stay together. They can skate behind or in front of the homewrecker, and they can temporarily split to get around the homewrecker and reform. They do not want to race away from the homewrecker, as that defeats the purpose in the drill. The homewrecker’s goal is to use contact or positional blocking to keep the partnership from staying together. Every 2 minutes the whistle is blown and a new skater in the threesome serves as the homewrecker.

Additional notes: Increase the level of difficulty by adding roving jammers. The partnership attempts to stay together and stop every jammer. The homewrecker tries to keep the partnership from walling up to stop the jammer.

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